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You buy insurance to protect you from the terrible things you hope never supposed to happen. Yet the reality is those terrible things happen all the time.  Here is what attorney Chip Merlin has to say:  

“Accidents happen. Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, sinkholes, burst pipes, fires and explosions all occur with great frequency. These catastrophes are the reasons why individuals and businesses purchase insurance. Upon report of a claim, insurance adjusters are supposed to act promptly, fully investigate the claim, completely explain policy provisions and provide quick payment and advice to policyholders. If such steps are actually followed, the insurance company adjuster is softening a blow suffered by those who are usually in shock following such tragedies. Unfortunately, the activities of insurance adjusters acting on behalf of insurance companies commonly fall far short of the duties and promises made by insurance companies prior to losses. As a result, people and businesses need professional help to receive the full benefit of their insurance policy. Public Adjusters play a very important role by assuring indemnity and mandating coverage which is often overlooked, often intentionally, by insurance company adjusters. “  

William F. Merlin, Jr., Esquire  Merlin Law Group   

Insurance losses are complex financial transactions.


Insurance losses are complex financial transactions. They arise from policies written by the insurance company for the benefit of the insurance company.

Nowhere In The Insurance Policy Does It Tell You How To Make An Insurance Claim!   Not having a background in insurance and specifically one in insurance claims, places you at a distinct disadvantage when trying to handle your own claim. It’s true that you can work with the insurance company’s adjuster and receive a settlement; however it likely won’t be the best settlement. Why?    One Reason according to Mr. Badri Narasimhan, Vice President, Insurity (a Hartford, Connecticut based process management firm) is this “…one of the claim sector’s biggest problems is a shrinking talent pool of experienced adjusters” (see National Underwriter Human Factors Drive Demand For Tech To Bolster Claims-Function Weaknesses BY DANIEL HAYS) What this means to you is that the adjuster sent out by the insurance company may have only slightly more insurance claims experience than you. This article goes on to say that insurance companies are looking to offset this difficulty by improvements in automation. You should therefore expect to hear a constant refrain about “what the computer says”. 

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At Strategic Adjusting Services, Inc., we believe that it doesn’t matter what the computer says. What matters is how completely you are compensated for your loss.