75 Years Of Property Claims Adjusting And Damage Assessment

Strategic Planning


To Get A Settlement You Need An Adjuster To Maximize Your Settlement You Need A Strategy

Every successful claim begins with a successful strategy. This strategy starts with a complete review of your insurance policy and then an evaluation of how best to present your loss to maximize its value. 

That’s only the beginning. Next, we evaluate and document your damage using the methods and tools that show your loss in its best possible light. Every communication to the insurance company is geared toward our strategic outcome. Successful outcomes do not happen by themselves: Strategic Adjusting Services is in the driver’s seat from the beginning.

This is the Strategic Advantage! 

Strategic Damage Assessment


Nowhere in your insurance policy does it tell you how to make a claim!

Without that knowledge and tools needed to document your claim  you are at a significant disadvantage.

Strategic Adjusting Services utilizes the latest technology in assessing your damage. Our team consists of infrared building diagnostic inspectors, Level II NDT (non-destructive testing) inspectors and certified borescope inspectors. We combine this expertise with decades of claims adjusting experience to ensure your claim is promptly evaluated, documented and presented to the insurance company at its maximum value.

By partnering with Strategic Adjusting Services, Inc., you do more than level the playing field. You give yourself, the Strategic Advantage! 

The Strategic Advantage


When We Take Charge Of Your Claim You Have Greater Gain

Successful claim recoveries depend upon positioning your claim for settlement from the outset. We begin with a thorough analysis of your claim and how best to position it for recovery. We ensure that your time sensitive requirements are met.

Where time sensitive requirements apply to the insurer, we document the failure to adhere to those requirements. We aggressively pursue recovery at every opportunity. We control the tenor of the relationship with the insurer.

When necessary we utilize strategic relationships with engineers, contractor's and attorney's to maximize your recovery under the policy.

When You engage Strategic Adjusting Services, you give yourself the Strategic Advantage!